Angelique van Berlo

Angelique van Berlo

22 Januari 2017

 Angelique van Berlo 

13-08-1968 - 11-11-2016 

Obit; Sunday 11 December at 12:00 - Church Keldonk.

Henk Tiebosch 

On November 11, after a 2-year illness but nevertheless still unexpectedly, we have had to say goodbye to our wonderful musician and teacher Angelique van Berlo.

In the late 70s, I got to help her discover the accordion. Since then, she passionately shared the instrument's great versatility at every opportunity.

Really she co-founded our Torkest, with the first rehearsals taking place at her aunt Marietje Looymans' house in Erp. After completing higher education in accordion at Tilburgs Conservatorium, she soon was noticed by the Veghelse Muziekschool and became an enthusiastic colleague in the accordion department.

Our Torkest continued to play a major part in her life as a musician, but also as a director. It was there that she met Peter van den Heuvel, a member of the orchestra himself, who later became her life partner in faraway Canada. Whenever she came to visit her parents in Keldonk, she would staunchly come to rehearsal on Friday and participate like yesteryear, playing in or directing the group.

Even when she lived in Canada, she still cherished Torkest. Together with another great musical friend, Freda Leenders, she organised two fabulous concert tours for Torkest. Her organisational talent gave us host families in Carlisle, where she lived, many concerts and even an memorable master class by Canadian accordion celebrity Joseph Marcerollo.

Together with Peter, she had three great children: David, Jakob and Ana, who were of course also introduced to the world of music. Fortunately, though with great sorrow, I was able to support Angelique in her last days and, whenever I entered their home, always there were the sounds of the violin, piano or harp, played by her children. 

It felt quite special to surprise her in her sickbed with appropriate accordion music, as I had naturally taken the small white accordion to Canada as a carry-on. The last composition I played for her was “Chiquelin de Bachin” by Astor Piazzolla, because this amazing piece contains both “sadness” about having to lose her and “joy” for having gotten to know Angelique. I am now in the process of arranging that song for Torkest including references to the Canadian anthem “Oh Canada” and our own “Wilhelmus”. 

Our memories of the good times we shared will remain forever with us. Our thoughts are with her children David, Jakob and Ana and her loving husband Peter.

Henk Tiebosch

Cathelijn van der Meijden

Whenever I think of Angelique, I think of music.

The music we played together in Torkest, the music she gave me as my teacher for studying and playing together, the music we sang during outings and longer travels.

And I think of her warmth, friendship and kind interest in others.

While a student at the music academy, Henk allowed her to practice orchestra direction and Free World Fantasy really became hers.

Even after she moved to Canada, Torkest remained very important to her and she came to practice sessions as often as possible whenever she was in the Netherlands. Our concert at Fabrique Magnifique in 2014 was the last time she was on stage with us.

We have fond memories of the two visits to Canada and everything she and Freda did for us there.

Dear Angelique, thank you for your remarkable friendship.

She will be forever 48 years old.

Cathelijn van der Meijden



Sunday 11 December at 12:00  an obit will be held at the curch in Keldonk.