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Torkest plays a wide range of different music styles and creates a world on a stage. They go from the Netherlands to the Eastern bloc, further through Russia and travel to China afterwards. The journey goes around the world by visiting New Orleans and the mighty Rocky Mountains. Argentina is also not forgotten, and finally we set foot again in the Netherlands with a small detour in Africa.

In 1998 we recorded our first calbum called "Confidence". 10 years later, the repertoire had changed significantly, and there was a 2nd album made, 'Melodia del mondo ". Both cd's are recorded with The Javes and D'Accord (the two other accordion orchestras). A selection of this music can be heard, by using the menus Confidence and Melodia del mondo in the blue bar above.

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Our 'repertoire' contains:

• Africa - Toto
• Air and Tune - Jacob de Haan
• Alcazar - Llano arr. Gerd Huber
• Contrabajeando - Astor Piazzolla
• Djok de noente - bew. John Holvast
• Don't get around much anymore - D.E. -H.T.
• Eleanor Rigby - John Lennon & Paul McCartney
• Eloise - Barry Ryan
• Espani Cani
• Free World Fantasy - Jacob de Haan
• Fuga a Moll - Bohumil Czernohorsky
• Introduction and Toccata - Gary Daverne
• Israel Shalom - Kees Vlak arr. Gerd Huber
• The Jellical Ball - Andrew Lloyd Webber
• Legend from Yao - Mao Yuan
• Libertango - Astor Piazzolla
• Melodia en Mi Menor - Astor Piazzolla

• Memory - Andrew Lloyd Webber
• Music - John Miles
• New York overture - Kees Vlak
• New York tango - Richard Galliano
• The New Village - Kees Vlak
• Prelude en fuga in a klein - Matyas Seiber
• Riverdance - Bill Whelan
• Russische fantasie - Jörg Draeger
• Sabeldans - Aram Chatschaturjan
• Salsa Picante - Hans-Günter Kölz
• Slavische dans nr. 8 - Dvorak
• La Storia - Jacob de Haan
• Tanguando - Astor Piazzolla
• Tokyo Adventure - Luigi di Ghisallo
• Utopia - Jacob de Haan
• Yesterday - John Lennon & Paul McCartney


Besides our cd's, we have some audio recordings, taken on a concert at 8 november 2013. Below you can listen to two of our new songs..